About Us

New Dreamz Group years of long R&D with water purification and conservation has resulted in manufacturing of high precision Automatic Pump Controller, RO Water Purifier, Iron Removal Filter etc. Each of our products undergo strict QC norms before reaches your home. Installations are done by our trained and certified engineers with highest accuracy. Installing our products will give you peace of mind whether you are at home or work. For the last two decades thousands of satisfied families, Apartments, Housing Complex, Schools, College, Office, Institutes, Hospitals, Guest House, Hotels & Restaurants, factories and Industrial sectors have been using our products with a smile.

Our Skills

We live on water and water can take our lives in seconds. The necessity of water for human beings needs no introduction. Befitting with Google’s search results, there are multiple water purification service providers in the market. While these countless options are making people confused enough to make their best choice, “Dreamz Group” is here to serve the nation with their best skills. Feel free to call us any time to enjoy our splendid assistance.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to save lives by providing “SAVE WATER – SAVE LIFE” & “PURE WATER – PURE LIFE.

Our Mission

  • Creating awareness to everyone about saving water through Automatic Pump Controller.
  • Creating awareness to everyone about the regular poison taking through regular drinking water.