Commercial R.O.

Commercial R.O.

We are Manufacturer of “COMMERCIAL R.O.”. Our product’s brand name is “DREAMZ WATER PURIFIER”. The “DREAMZ WATER PURIFIER” is a quality product and is being continually improved. Its cost will effectively satisfy the ever-growing need of its clients to achieve “Full Customer Satisfaction”.
Reverse osmosis is capable of rejecting bacteria, salts, sugars, proteins, particles, dyes, and other constituents that have a molecular weight of greater than 150 – 250 Daltons. The separation of ions with reverse osmosis is aided by charged particles. This means that dissolved ions that carry a charge, such as salts, are more likely to be rejected by the membrane than those that are not charged, such as organics. The larger the charge and the larger the particle, the more likely it will be rejected.
Each system is equipped with fully commercial, stage purification process to ensure that the processed water is of high quality and is safe and tasty to drink.
For your kind information that, we are specialised deal in Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Carbonated Soda Water Plant, Soft Drinks Plant, Ice Plant of any capacity & Laboratory Glass Wares, Chemicals, Instrument including factory maintenance.
Our firm also take the responsibility of providing SSI, ISI, FPO, AG Mark, out side Laboratory testing of your sample Packaged Drinking Water (Other than Packaged Natural Mineral Water) according to IS 14543:2004 from BIS approved Laboratory, Calibration from NABL accredited Laboratory & Trade Mark Registration Certificate/Licence from the concerned department with legal documents.
We also assure you that we will give best quality at a competitive rate and prompt service before and after sales.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to save lives by providing “PURE WATER – PURE LIFE”

Our Mission

Creating awareness to everyone about the regular poision taking through regular drinking water

Why R.O. Filter ?

Nowadays, water purifiers are one of the top necessities. But, before purchasing any such product, you must see that are you getting your requirements fulfilled or not? If you own a Commercial R.O. Plant, you will be able to receive enough drinking water which is safe and pure. DREAMZ WATER commercial R.O. Plant is sufficient to supply water.
Our Commercial R.O. Plant has seven purifying stages for ensuring that you are going to receive pure and healthy water. It also comprises film tech membrane along with full automatic flushing technology.


Generally water contains excessive levels of turbidity, iron, chlorine, suspended solids and organic matters. This can cause colour, objectionable tastes and odour, foul equipment and piping with suspended solids and render the water unsuitable for human consumption or industrial use.


Dual Media, Multimedia and Activated Carbon Filters are used for commercial, industrial, domestic and process application requiring the removal of turbidity, suspended solids, colour, iron, manganese, odour, chlorine and organics.


These are typically used for iron removal, turbidity and suspended solids removal. The ferrous salts are oxidized into insoluble ferric salt by the dissolved oxygen present in water. In case of high iron contents in raw water an oxidation chamber consisting of MnO2 lumps/birm and chemical feed system is used to effectively remove iron.
Cleaning of the filter bed is effected by passing a reverse upward flow of water through the filter. To assist in cleaning the bed the passage of wash water is normally proceeded by application of air agitation. The upward passage of air bubbles agitate the filter bed with a scrubbing scouring action which loosens the retained impurities. Dual Media Filter incorporates a top layer of anthracite to remove bulk of suspended solids and second layer of manganese green sand/catalytic filtering media/birm to remove both suspended and dissolved iron followed by final layers of dense garnet and gravel.


These are specifically designed for removal of turbidity and suspended solids. They employ an advanced multimedia bed consisting of graded layer of anthracite to remove the bulk of suspended solids, a finer second layer of filtering sand and final layer of fine dense garnet and gravel to polish the water for high clarity treated water. In case of high colloidal particles, the same are coagulated by dosing coagulant chemicals in raw water.


These are designed for removal of chlorine and volatile organics, triahalomethanes (THMS) and other halocarbons from water. Odour, colour and smell is also removed by physical absorption by the carbon bed.


Equipments supplied to remove suspended solids from water in micron sizes through the process of cartridge or bag filteration.
Chemical Dosing System :
  • Equipments supplied to carry out of the following fuctions in the process of water treatment, amongst others.
  • To reduce suspended solids.
  • To reduce the hardness forming compounds from water.
  • To improve flocculation and agglomeration of particles in water.
  • To reduce the bacterial formation in water by dosing certain chemicals.
  • To remove chlorine from water.
  • To improve pH of the water etc.
Ultraviolet Sterillsers:

Equipments supplied to reduce the micro organisms in the water through the process of exposure to ultraviolet light.

Ozonators :

Equipments supplied to reduce the micro organisms in the water through the process of exposure to ozone gas.

Reverse Osmosis System:

Equipments supplied to reduce the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from the water to desired levels through the process of removal of minerals and compounds by fine membrane filteration. The reverse osmosis membrane module works in removing particles bellow 0.001 micron size.

Design Features :
  • Special filter media is selected to produce the highest quality effluent while maintaining low pressure drop and providing long filter run.
  • Light weight FRP Composite Pressure Vessel is easy to install and does not require concrete foundation.
  • Single lever operated multiport valve instead of conventional 5 valves make it user friendly and easy to operate.
  • Corrosion resistant Pressure Vessel, piping and ABS Multiport Valve does not require maintenance.
  • Each operating step is clearly marked on the valve thereby eliminating chances of error in the operating sequences.
  • High flow distributors provide even flow distribution with low pressure drop.
  • Viewing gauge on valve provides complete view of water quality during backwash, rinse and filtration.
Features :

  • Quality Reverse Osmosis - Nowadays everyone does promise for best RO water plant service, but rare of them are high performing. We speculate all such issues associated with the reverse osmosis process of water purifiers and thus create superior products which are able to provide quality water filtering process.

  • Affordable Price - When you want to procure quality products, manufacturers try to capitalize on it. But, this is not in our service protocol. We take only genuine money as reliability of customers are above anything else. So, when you ask for our RO water purifier, remain confident that you will be getting suitable product in affordable price.
  • Suitability of bottled water inside your own premises.
  • No need to take more risk of buying counterfeit bottled water.
  • No more troubles of stocking and carrying of bottles.
  • With your RO plant running pure water every time in a day, you can get as much as pure water all you need and want, by touching with the finger.
  • For Economical, Purity, Taste, Health, & Convenient to use.
  • Purify any source of water like bore-well, overhead storage tank & supply water.
Why R.O. Plant ?

Reverse Osmosis a membrane desalination process increasingly used worldwide purifies brackish for drinking and other commercial applications. RO removes Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Bicarbonate, Chlorides and Sulphates in water by 95%. It also reduces harmful minerals like arsenic, fluoride, leas, salinity in water, bacteria & viruses and restore the original taste and quality of water. In RO high pressure process water is passed through a semi-permiable membrane with pores of 0.0001 micron. Purified water is collected through a permeate line an impurities in water is flushed to drain.

Our Company loves to resolve the problems of impure and unsuitable drinking water. We would be glad to put our efforts in installing Commercial R.O. Plant at your place. Dink safe and pure water and remain healthy. Contact us now to know about our packages.

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