Dreamz Automatic Pump Controller


The Pump starts functioning whenever the water level in the over head tank reduces. The Pump will stop functioning when the water level in the over head tank will rise. Hence there is no chance of over flowing of water. If water level in the reservoir reaches the minimum level, the pump will stop automatically. The motor will not be damaged as air will not enter into the suction-pipe. If the over head tank is empty, the pump will start functioning as soon as the water level in the reservoir will reach the satisfactory level. There is no need of manual monitoring. The “Pump Controller” is a quality product and is being continually improved. Its cost effectively satisfy the ever-growing need of its clients to achieve “Full Customer Satisfaction”.


  • Automatically water pump starts and stops
  • Operates on all Horse Power Pumps
  • No Over flow of water from overhead water tanks
  • No Man Power required
  • Saves Electricity as pump do not runs extra time
  • Save your Motor from Dry Run
  • No Maintenance and Easy Installation