Dreamz Water Purifier


1. It delivers oxygen throughout the body
2. It boosts skin health and beauty
3. It cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues
4. It regulates body temperature
5. The digestive system depends on it
6. It flushes body waste
7. It helps maintain blood pressure
8. It makes minerals and nutrients accessible
9. It prevents kidney damage
10. It boosts performance during exercise
11. Weight loss


  • Multiple layers of purification process RO+UV+UF+TDS Control make the water 100% safe for drinking and sweet to taste.
  • The purification process dissolves harmful arsenic, rust and other impurities.
  • The TDS control system helps to retain essential minerals in water required for healthy life
  • The inbuilt Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection technology makes the water safe to drink.
  • Elegant transparent tank protects from dust and moisture.
  • Low cost maintenance and Easy to service.