Iron Remover Filter

Iron Removal Filter

We are Manufacturer of “IRON REMOVAL FILTER”. Our product’s brand name is “DREAMZ IRON FILTER”. The “DREAMZ IRON FILTER” is a quality product and is being continually improved. Its cost will effectively satisfy the ever-growing need of its clients to achieve “Full Customer Satisfaction”.
This is one water filtration unit called as Iron Removal Filter which remove iron and some other water minerals from the raw water and produce pure drinking water. It is not only essential for drinking water purpose.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to save lives by providing “PURE WATER – PURE LIFE”

Our Mission

Creating awareness to everyone about the regular poision taking through regular Drinking Water

WHY WATER PROBLEMS are common nowadays ?

“Iron water” readily stains plumbing fixtures, porcelain and cooking utensils. When used in the laundry, it soon stains washables with reddish-brown discolorations. "Iron water" also leaves its telltale marks on walls and floors if used in doing home cleaning chores. Iron water also increases the hair fall and stickiness of hair.
“Iron water”, if not treated, can lead to serious complications in many industrial applications. In fact, there is hardly any wet process work that can be carried on successfully with water that contains iron.
Iron imparts a disagreeable metallic taste to water. Even when water contains small amounts of iron a disagreeable, somewhat astringent quality is apparent. Naturally when iron is present in detectable amounts, it can ruin the flavor of tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. Further, the combination of soluble iron and certain of the constituents in the beverages gives them an unappetizing, inky black appearance.
The EPA Secondary Drinking Water Regulations recommend a maximum of 0.3 milligrams per liter (ppm) iron, as Fe, and a maximum of 0.05 mg/l (ppm) manganese, as Mn, because of the staining that higher concentrations can cause. In its insoluble forms iron can form deposits in pressure tanks, pipelines, water heaters, commodes and in any other equipment where water is used.
Iron problems, either alone or in combination with other troublesome water conditions.
Dissolved concentrations of iron in excess of 60 mg/l are known to exist. Usually, however, no more than 5 mg/l of iron are present in a water supply. Unfortunately, iron in water becomes a real source of trouble to the homemaker when as little as 0.3 mg/l is present, generally considered to be the minimum staining level in homes.
Water collects iron in several ways. Even as it falls through the air, water acquires small amounts of the oxides of iron found in the atmospheric dust. Water, rich in carbon dioxide, readily dissolves iron from the earth's plentiful deposits as it leaches these in its underground flow. This sink shows the results of iron staining. Not an eye-appealing sight! Water containing soluble iron is clear and colorless when drawn into the sink or tub. When it comes into contact with the air, the iron forms a gelatinous precipitate. The stains that result are extremely hard to remove. Witness this ruined your sink or bathtub.


Studies conducted by health authority show that 10% of urban water source in India are contaminated and 80% of human diseases (including kidney stone) are water borne. Rising population along with unplanned industrial growth has led to natural resources getting polluted.
Recently the Journal of Indian Medical Association recommends the use of RO water for Kidney dialysis units.


The plant is manufacture by Mild Steel with manhole covers, strainers, G.I. Pipe line, Valves, Pressure Gauges and Water Meter etc. accurate design.


It is selected for Hotels, Tea Gardens, Industries, Hospitals, Housing Flats and Domestic purpose etc.


To avoid stomach troubles, corrosion in the pipe lines and for protection of marble floor without any recurring expenses.
Water passes through the undermentioned procedure to be free from suspended particles, free Chlorine, Oil, Colour, Micro & Major Bacteria etc. which generally exist in water.
  • Stage 1:
    Activated Carbon : It absorbs suspended Particles, free Chlorine, Oil, Colour, Odour etc.

  • Stage 2:
    MnO2 with Anthrasite : It promotes the Activated Carbon and acts as a Catalytic oxidising agent and also converts the Iron in soluble ferrous (FeO) compounds into ferric (Fe2O3) form.

  • Stage 3:
    Multigrade Media : In this process Green Sand with Silica charged with KMnO4 and MnSO4 inactivating Bacteria and removing Iron and suspended Particles

  • Stage 4:
    Qurtz : Making water Crystalline, Purifying

  • Stage 5:
    Gravels : Gravels increase the flow rate of water as well as the rate of Cooling and Purification.

  • Stage 6:
    Micro Strainer : It traps major Bacteria (higher than 0.4 micron) which are generally responsible for Diarrhea, Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid etc.
  • Iron Removal Filter which remove iron and some other water minerals from the raw water and producing iron free drinking water.
  • Instant supply of pure water
  • On-line installation with main water supply, hence pure water available from all outlets in the house.
  • Non-electrical device ensures uninterrupted supply without recurring expenses.
  • Non-clogging, non-choking, no iron deposits.
  • Increase pipeline longevity.
  • Saves up to 25% on expensive detergents.
  • Prevents discoloration of cloths.
  • Stops hair from getting sticky and hair loss.
  • Protect your Skin.
  • Prevents bacteria and stomach/gastric disorder.
  • Clean & save Containers & Utensils.
  • Protects geysers, coolers, washing machine.
  • Clean in the Kitchen.
  • Clean in your Washroom.
  • Clean in your Basin & Sink.
  • Clean in your Over Head Tank & Pipe Line.
  • Tastier Coffee & Tea.
  • Protects against Kidney Stones and strengthens the immune system of body.
  • It is 80+% iron remove for your water.
NOTE : Lasting Long Time ; No Extra Expenses ; Manualy Operated ; Only Back Washing is Instructed.

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