Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen Chimney

We are Manufacturer of “KITCHEN CHIMNEY”. Our product’s brand name is “DREAMZ KITCHEN CHIMNEY”. The “DREAMZ KITCHEN CHIMNEY” is a quality product and is being continually improved. Its cost will effectively satisfy the ever-growing need of its clients to achieve “Full Customer Satisfaction”.
An electric chimney sucks the air inside the kitchen. The air then passes through the filters which absorbs the heat and traps the grease particles thereby removing fumes and odor and ventilates your kitchen keeping it fresh and odor free.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to save lives by providing “PURE ATMOSPHERE – PURE LIFE”

Our Mission

Creating awareness to everyone about the regular poision taking through regular air pollution.

Why Kitchen Chimney ?

Indian cooking involves lot of frying, grilling using lot of oil and masalas. The sound of spluttering tadka though gives a lovely aroma and taste but it also leaves its impression on your kitchen tiles and ceiling. Over a period of time grime collects on the cabinets and over-the-counter appliances. More than cooking, it’s cleaning the kitchen that is cumbersome and discourages many from cooking that sumptuous meal.
A chimney or a kitchen hood is a boon to many who love to cook but withdraw themselves with the thought of watery eyes, odor and grimy kitchen. Now you can cook to your hearts delight by embracing this wonderful appliance.
In todays world where air pollution matters a lot, exhaust fan is not sufficient. I suggest all home owners to use chimneys as exhasut fan can only darw out the smoke from kicthen, and not other impurities like carbon and food particles, oilyness, heavy complicated gaseous, etc., that a chimney can draw out. Unlike exhaust fan, chimney can be installed anywhere in the kitchen. Chimney is installed 26”-30” above the cooktop.
Chimney is extremely important in a kitchen, since it sucks in odours and steam that are caused by cooking food on the stove. Especially now that open air kitchens are a huge tendency, it if fundamental to have a powerful chimney: it is the only way to prevent the bad smells to invade your living room. Every housewife need Elica Chimney to make Kitchen so fresh and pick one that is best for your Kitchen. It's awesome.
  • 1. Keep the kitchen clean-
    When exposed to the cooking fumes every day, the kitchen walls start turning a yellowish shade as time passes. The wall tiles and cabinets become greasy. There are smoke marks on the walls. Having a kitchen chimney helps avoids such a situation. The electrical chimney has high suction power that pulls out all the cooking fumes directly from above the stove. Without a kitchen chimney, even a newly renovated kitchen will start looking shabby in just a few months. The shine and polish of the cabinets start fading due to the smoke and fumes. Using a kitchen chimney will keep the kitchen clean and spotless.

  • 2. Improves the cooking experience-
    Indian cooking can be hard sometimes. A sneezing attack due to the use of red chilies or watery eyes while deep frying onions is a common factor in the kitchen. This happens mostly because of the unwanted smoke generated by these ingredients. Cooking can also result in some strong aroma floating around the kitchen and the rest of the room. Such smell can cause irritation for some people. A modular kitchen chimney in Kolkata is installed right above the cooking stove and it can absorb all sorts of strong smells instantly. This makes the experience of cooking much easier.

  • 3. Reduces indoor air pollution-
    Kitchen air pollution is a real issue. Oil, fats and carbohydrates are set on fire during the cooking process. The fumes that are released include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), nitrogen dioxide and other gases. These may have serious health effects in the long run. Using an electric kitchen chimney helps to keep indoor air pollution in check.
  • Gives you an odour free kitchen
  • Adds functionality to your kitchen
  • Gives you a modern touch to your contemporary kitchen
  • Helps removing the Sticky fumes, heat, steam from the kitchen, takes away rigid & pungent exhaust gases from your kitchen
  • Health Benefits - Gives you pure air by Cleaning airborne grease & Smoke
  • Helps in maintaining a cleaner kitchen by exhausting smells of foods Prevent your rooftop/walls from getting black
  • It Removes rigid and pungent odour of your kitchen spices used for Indian cooking
  • Keeps overhead cabinets and walls clean, which means happier cook.
  • Keeps eating fumes from heating and cooking, which means healthy cook
  • Your chimney is completely clean, and your home remains spotless
  • Your risk of chimney fires goes down because creosote build-up is eliminated
  • Your heating bills goes down, because your furnace operates more efficiently
You may ask why not an exhaust fan.
So, you can go for an exhaust fan too. Chimneys are more powerful. The design, make and installation makes the three possible.

NOTE : Chimney needs yearly inspection and cleaning to keep your family safe and keep your home’s heating system working efficiently.

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