Laboratory Instrument & Glass Water

Laboratory Instruments & Glass Wares

We are Supplier of “LABORATORY INSTRUMENT & GLASS WARES, is a quality product and is being continually improved. Its cost will effectively satisfy the ever-growing need of its clients to achieve “Full Customer Satisfaction”.
For your kind information that, we are specialised deal in Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Carbonated Soda Water Plant, Soft Drinks Plant, Ice Plant of any capacity & Laboratory Glass Wares, Chemicals, Instrument including factory maintenance.
Our firm also take the responsibility of providing SSI, ISI, FPO, AG Mark, out side Laboratory testing of your sample Packaged Drinking Water (Other than Packaged Natural Mineral Water) according to IS 14543:2004 from BIS approved Laboratory, Calibration from NABL accredited Laboratory & Trade Mark Registration Certificate/Licence from the concerned department with legal documents.

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