• This model is suitable for 220V Single Phase /440V 3 Phase Pump (Any HP) operating with Non Electro Magnetic Starter / Piano Switch / SP or DP MCB / Tumbler Switch / Over Load Switch / Electro Magnetic DOL / FASD Starter.
  • It senses the Water level of the Over Head Tank.
  • It Starts Pump Automatically at low level in Over Head tank.
  • It also Starts Pump Automatically at preset times if there be sufficient water in the Reservoir.
  • This unit has provision of setting 8 Nos. ON time & 8 Nos. corresponding OFF time to make the output device ON / OFF as per preset time per day.
  • Once the time is preset it repeats automatically after 24 Hours.
  • Start time can be preset by user also with the help of 4 buttons.
  • It Stop the Pump when Over Head tank become full or when at preset time or when lower Reservoir gets empty protecting the pump from dry run.
  • The pump can be operated manually at any time even when this unit is in Installation.
  • No manual labour is needed to start or stop the Pump.
  • Have over current Limiting and Short Circuit Protecting ISI marked MCB.
  • There is Battery Back up for retaining your setting and to keep the Clock running during power cut.
  • There is a LCD Display (2 Lines × 16 Characters Per Line) to Display Real Time & Set Times.
  • All settings are menu driven.