Iron Removal Plant


  • Iron Removal Filter which remove iron and some other water minerals from the raw water and producing iron free drinking water.
  • Instant supply of pure water
  • On-line installation with main water supply, hence pure water available from all outlets in the house.
  • Non-electrical device ensures uninterrupted supply without recurring expenses.
  • Non-clogging, non-choking, no iron deposits.
  • Increase pipeline longevity.
  • Saves up to 25% on expensive detergents.
  • Prevents discoloration of cloths.
  • Stops hair from getting sticky and hair loss.
  • Protect your Skin.
  • Prevents bacteria and stomach/gastric disorder.
  • Clean & save Containers & Utensils.
  • Protects geysers, coolers, washing machine.
  • Clean in the Kitchen.
  • Clean in your Washroom.
  • Clean in your Basin & Sink.
  • Clean in your Over Head Tank & Pipe Line.
  • Tastier Coffee & Tea.
  • Protects against Kidney Stones and strengthens the immune system of body.
  • It is 80+% iron remove for your water.

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Stage 1- Activated Carbon : It absorbs suspended Particles, free Chlorine, Oil, Colour, Odour etc.

Stage 2- MnO2 with Anthrasite : It promotes the Activated Carbon and acts as a Catalytic oxidising agent and also converts the Iron in soluble ferrous (FeO) compounds into ferric (Fe2O3) form.

Stage 3- Multigrade Media : In this process Green Sand with Silica charged with KMnO4 and MnSO4 inactivating Bacteria and removing Iron and suspended Particles.

Stage 4- Qurtz : Making water Crystalline, Purifying

Stage 5– Gravels : Gravels increase the flow rate of water as well as the rate of Cooling and Purification.

Stage 6– Micro Strainer : It traps major Bacteria (higher than 0.4 micron) which are generally responsible for Diarrhea, Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid etc.



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