• Reverse Osmosis water purifier that purifies stored tank water (even hard water) to sweet and pure drinking water.
  • Elegant transparent Tank to protect from dust & moisture.
  • Unbreakable Food Grade Tank.
  • Makes purest water & removes both dissolved and insoluble impurities.
  • Low cost on maintenance and consumables.
  • Easy to servicing.
  • Very high purifying capacity up to 15 Ltrs./Hr.
  • 8 to 12 Ltrs, purified water storage capacity purified water available on demand even in absence of electricity.
  • Ideal for installation on Kitchen Wall.  


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Stage 1– Pre-Filter – It removes large suspended particles greater than 5µ in size in water like sand, dirt providing first line of protection for the whole system.

Stage 2– Pre-Filter – It removes Iron in all forms to improve quality of water and protect membrane.

Stage 3– Antiscalant – It removes Carbonate and Phosphate scales of water, thus increases the life of RO Membrane and Pump.

Stage 4– Inline Sediment Filter – 5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment Filter to remove larger particles & suspended matter such as dirt, dust, rust, salt, sand, algae, sediment, scale particles and cloudiness from water.

Stage 5– Inline Carbon Filter – Gives your water sweet taste & removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, bad taste & odours. To remove small particles and carbon fines may pass from second stage & to ensure 100% of chlorine removal.

Stage 6– RO Membrane – Semi Purified water is passed through world renowned Reverses Osmosis Membrane with 0.0001µ micron (approx). Dissolved salt, heavy metals, microbes, micro-organism, bacteria, viruses, pesticides and impurities are reduced by more than 90-98% of the Total Dissolved Solids in the water. This is where the purification takes place.

Stage 7– UV Treatment – High energy UV rays deactivated disease-causing microbiological micro-organisms, bacteria & viruses.

Stage 8– UF Membrane –  ULTRA FILTRATION membrane efficient in removing of organic molecules larger than 0.01µ.

Stage 9– Mineral Cartridge – Bio-Ceramic water amplification filter with Nano technology enhances test, revitalizes water makes it virus and bacteria free, restores all natural properties and makes living water. Due to different factors such environmental pollution and instant food, today’s generation suffers from high acidity levels in their bodies. The essential minerals included in the water due to these ceramics change the acidity of one’s body into weak alkaline. The most important health benefit is the increase in hydrogen ions, which result in water with antioxidant benefits. Other feature include high capacity of calcium (Enhance the bone regeneration), and other minerals to help the balance water with enriched minerals tastes great.


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